A Guide to Richmond, VA Homes: The Craftsman

One of the things that we discuss when we meet with a new buyer is the style of home he/she might be interested in viewing. Some individuals know exactly what type of home they are looking for (I had my heart set on a Craftsman when I moved to Richmond, but ended up in a Colonial).

If your brain gets all jumbled trying to keep the styles straight, tune in as we dive into the types of homes you can find here in the Richmond area and what makes them that type of home.

Craftsman ExteriorFirst up, the beloved Craftsman!

Bungalow or Craftsman style homes were born out of the Arts and Crafts Movement (essentially between 1860-1910), as a rebellion to the mass production that was occurring. The emphasis in this style is on natural materials — wood, stone and brick. Front porches and low-pitched roofs are typical. The interior’s open floor plan features built-in furniture, big fireplaces and exposed beams.

You’re in luck if you’re looking for Craftsman style homes in Richmond. Many builders have added the Craftsman style to their portfolio. Check out this new model home in the Hallesley Midlothian community or this cute home in Henrico County!




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