A Guide to Richmond, VA Homes: The Loft

(This is an ongoing series on the types of homes you can find in Richmond, Virginia! You can check out the other post here!)

Want the feeling of living in New York City without the traffic, crazy amount of people and smog? Look no further than the Richmond loft scene! With our increasing number of industry warehouses being transformed into living spaces, the loft may be just what you’re looking for.

Loft ExteriorAccording to the DIY Network, true loft homes came into being in Lower Manhattan in the 1960s. Artists and beatniks alike found that the abandoned industrial buildings made an ideal work-and-living space. As the lofts became more popular and the limited supply dwindled, loft-style apartment buildings were built to look like the originals with tall ceilings, large windows and open spaces.

A new building in one of my favorite Richmond neighborhoods just opened and has some gorgeous loft-style condos for sale. Check out the new Nolde Bakery Condominiums in Church Hill! This beautiful building is was once employed  about 800 workers who also lived and shopped in the area.  Originally built in 1926 as the then-new home of the Nolde Brothers Bakery, the series of buildings at 26th and Broad streets stood vacant for many years when the bakery moved out in the 1970s. Later, some of the buildings were occupied by Goodwill Industries, but for the most part, the old bakery was a void in a once thriving neighborhood that fell into disrepair for several decades but has been slowly been returning to its yesteryear prominence.

Jonesin’ for a loft? Set up a search here to find you perfect loft!

Photos courtesy of diynetwork.com and Noldecondos.com

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