Preparing Your Richmond Home for the Market: Go Neutral

BM Manchester Tan 2This is the second post in a series of preparing your Richmond home for the market! Read the first post here!)

Many homeowners get a slight case of anxiety in anticipation of listing their home for sale. After all, it is understandable that one who doesn’t do this on a daily basis could be a little intimidated by the preparation and maintenance of having your home walked through by strangers that are judging every nook and cranny on a daily basis.

Rule Number Two: Go with Neutral Colors

For the walls of your home, get rid of the bold colored paint on your walls and opt for a neutral tan/cream color (and no, not antique white either) something with a hint of warmth. Try Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan or Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige, which are two of our favorites.

SWAccessibleBeigeOn the beds in your home, go for white or single color coverlets or bedspreads are ideal. Stay away from the bold prints and heavy colors on your bed coverings. This stands out like a sore thumb in pictures. You want potential buyers to see the room, not your bed. (Wouldn’t you hate to be “the house with the BRIGHT GREEN bedspread!”

In the bathrooms, hang white towels and a white shower curtain (try a white waffle shower curtain, hung high). No matter the color of the walls, white makes everything look clean!

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