Preparing Your Richmond Home for the Market: Repairs and Maintenance

home-repair-maintenance-restoration-atlantaThis post in one in a series on preparing your home for the market. Check out why less is more, why it’s important to go neutral and how to make your flooring “wow” your potential buyers!

Many homeowners get a slight case of anxiety in anticipation of listing their home for sale. After all, it is understandable that one who doesn’t do this on a daily basis could be a little intimidated by the preparation and maintenance of having your home walked through by strangers that are judging your every nook and cranny on a daily basis.

Rule Number Four:  If you know about it, fix it before you hit the market (when it comes to repairs and maintenance).

99% of buyers will do a home inspection after they go under contract on your house, this will be their opportunity to pick apart the “defects” of your home.

If you choose not to do some of the minor repairs now, just know that this could be used against you and the price you are asking for your house down the road. Our team has great resources for handymen and contractors that can generally get everything taken care of in one fell swoop. If you suspect there may be issues with your home, consider having a pre-listing inspection. According to our friends at Capitol Home Inspections, a pre-listing inspection:

  • Provides you with an objective, non-biased evaluation of the overall condition of the property in order to provide full disclosure.
  • Shows good faith to potential buyers that everything possible has been done to reveal any defects in the home.
  • Saves you the money, time and hassle by identifying problems that could surface after negotiations when the buyer has their own home inspection performed after negotiations.

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